Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tutorial On Nail Art

 These are so cool and all you need is nail polish, tape, and time!!!!!
 Target Clearance :))))

I chose the colors yellow, pink, and blue…. 

Paint your nails one solid color.  Choose a lighter color for this step because we will be applying nail polish on top.  
Now wait 10 minutes or so until your nails dry….
Then tape off a section of your nail…. Like in pic above.
 Paint with 2nd color….. blue for me :)
 TA DA!   This was probably my un straightess line :)  It was also my first :)
 Repeat on every other one of your fingers…..

 See…. this line was better :)
 You can change colors and sides… See the blues are on different ends???
 Now wait 10 more minutes or until they dry, and tape of another section like in the pic above :)
 Now paint it the contrasting color….
 You can also do a technic like this where you tape off both sections and paint the inside….
 Like a triangle……..

 WOW!!!!!! Don't they look fantastic!?????  I love the way mine turned out.  Just remember to let them dry in between really good.  Otherwise you will take your nail polish off once you go to tape it. :)

Make sure you try different color combinations!!!!!!!!!! :D

Have FUN!

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